February 25th, 2022 Minutes - Governance Committee

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Social Equity Council | Governance Committee

Meeting Date and Time: February 25th, 2022, 12:00 - 1:00 P.M.

Meeting Type: Special Meeting of the SEC Governance Committee
Meeting Location: Virtual TEAMS


Chair: Ojala Naeem
Members: Andrea Comer, Avery Gaddis, Michael Jefferson, David Lehman, Ojala Naeem



Minutes from January 26, 2022


Minutes (DRAFT)


 This meeting was the monthly meeting of the Governance Committee rescheduled from February 23rd


Members Present: Avery Gaddis, Michael Jefferson, David Lehman, Ojala Naeem

  Members Absent: Andrea Comer

Staff Present: Ginne-Rae Clay, Jennifer Edwards


Meeting called to order at 1:03 pm

January Minutes were not available for review. January minutes will be reviewed at the March meeting.


Executive Director Review Process

Chairwoman Naeem presented the Executive Directors 6-month workplan that was presented by Director Clay and approved by the Council at the February meeting. The Committee reviewed the document and set a time frame for tasks to be completed, updated or begun by. Discussion ensued regarding the roles and responsibilities of the ED vs. other agencies and/or staff.


Follow up is needed to determine how

  • the Workforce Development and Social Equity plans will be reviewed.
  • Additional research is needed on the Micro Cultivator Training program and the Angel Investor Tax Credits

Chairwoman Naeem discussed a 360-feedback evaluation of the ED by the full Council. The committee discussed making recommendation to the full council in May or early June.

Member Lehman recommended presenting recommendations to the full Council in May.


Chairwoman Naeem asked Director Clay to research how an executive session should be conducted and for discussion at the March full Council meeting.


Follow-up to AG Recommendations


Chairwoman Naeem asked the committee if there were any question or comments on the February 16, 2022, memo from AAG Jean-Louis presented at the special meeting of the


Council on February 17th, regarding the Role of SEC in reviewing, Denying and Approving License Applications; Matter No. TR2200914


Councilman Jefferson wanted to be clear that when the Council voted to give Interim Director Clay, hiring and contract signatory authority, that authority was for this Interi


ED only at this time. That this was not a blanket endorsement for future Directors. The authority for future directors would be taken up by the Council on a case-by-case basis.

Chairwoman Naeem said she would clarify with the Council during her report to the Council in March.

Council Attendance Policy

A discussion ensued around the creation of Council member attendance policy. The committee discussed a variety of options including a biannual review of members attendance that would be made public; asking the appointing authority to have a discussion with the member to explain the importance of full participation on the Council; asked member to resign; asking the Council Chair to put member on notice; amended PA21-1 to allow the council to set the policy for removal. This item requires additional discussion.

Additional Matters

A Council Retreat is budgeted. Chairwoman Naeem asked Director Clay to provide a tentative agenda that will presented at the March meeting for planning purposes

Recommendations to the Full Council

  1. ED Evaluation Process: The process will kick off on April 1st, with a 360-evaluation sent to all council members. The 2022 SEC Workplan should be considered when conducting the review. Council members will have two weeks to complete the evaluation. The governance committee will then use executive session of the committee to review the feedback and make a recommendation to the full council at the May SEC meeting.

  2. Attendance Policy: We recommend that note be taken of council members who miss two out of three SEC meetings. The SEC Chair will then have a discussion with the appointing party for that individual’s seat on addressing the attendance issues or appointing a new member. Council member attendance will be reviewed at public meetings in June and December.

  3. Follow Up to AG Memo: We want to clarify that the vote to give Interim ED Clay authority to make hiring decisions was not a blanket authority if there is a change in whom serves in the ED role. The council will have the opportunity to revoke authorization to make hiring decisions, if needed.


Councilmember Jefferson made a motion to adjourn 2nd by Councilmember Gaddis

All were in favor

Meeting adjourned at 2:00 PM


Minutes are a draft until approved at a subsequent meeting.

Meeting Minutes