Am I eligible to renew my initial educator certificate if I have not completed the TEAM program?

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Renewing your initial educator teaching certificate in Connecticut after less than 10 school months of successful service

If you haven't served as a teacher long enough to complete the Teacher Education And Mentoring (TEAM) Program or have not completed 10 school months of successful service, you can still renew your certificate.

If you served for a portion of the initial certificate but are not eligible to advance to the provisional level, you should apply online through the Connecticut Educator Certification System (C.E.C.S.) portal to renew your initial educator certificate and pay the $200 fee.

If you prefer a paper-based application, you can also complete an ED 183 application. Personal checks are not accepted. Please submit a bank or money order made out to “Treasurer, State of Connecticut.”

If you are eligible to advance your initial educator certificate, you should complete an online ED 170 application using CECS to advance the certificate to the provisional level. There is a $250 fee associated with advancing your certificate.

If you prefer a paper-based application, you can also complete an ED 170 general application and submit the $250 fee, including the $50 nonrefundable application review fee.

You may also choose to first only submit the $50 application review fee with the application, then once eligibility is determined, you will be sent a fee balance for the certificate.

Other forms or documentation may be requested for a full evaluation.

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