Priority School District Grants


Priority School District Program

Per Connecticut General Statutes Sec. 10-266p, the State Board of Education administers a priority school district grant program to assist designated school districts in improving student achievement and enhancing educational opportunities, including early reading intervention programs.Grant awards are authorized after proposals have been submitted by eligible school districts and approved through the Commissioner.

The emphasis of this funding is to focus on uses, including the following: (1) the creation or expansion of programs or activities related to dropout prevention; (2) alternative and transitional programs for students having difficulty succeeding in traditional educational programs; (3) academic enrichment, tutorial and recreation programs or activities in school buildings during non-school hours and during the summer; (4) development or expansion of extended-day kindergarten programs; (5) development or expansion of scientifically-based reading research and instruction; (6) numeracy instruction; (7) support to chronically absent students; (8) enhancement of the use of technology to support instruction or improve parent and teacher communication; (9) initiatives to strengthen parent involvement in the education of children, and parent and other community involvement in school and school district programs, activities, and educational policies, which may be in accordance with the provisions of section 10-4g; or (10) for purposes of obtaining accreditation for elementary and middle schools from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. A minimum of 20% of spending needs to be designated for the purpose of early reading intervention (#5, above).

 Extended School Hours Program

Section 10-266t of the Connecticut General Statutes establishes grants for extended school hour programs in PSDs. The funds are used for academic, enrichment and recreational programs and shall include, but not be limited to, before and after school hours, weekends, summers and school vacations. Extended School Hours Programs are chosen through a competitive process from district submissions for individual school programs from town and nonprofit agencies within the total grant allocation amount, and must be approved by the Commissioner. As part of the requirements for the program, priority school districts are responsible for developing a competitive application process that follows criteria set forth in the legislation.
Summer School Grant
Section 10-265m of the Connecticut General Statutes establishes grants for summer school programs in PSDs. Funds are to be used for summer school for students in grades K-3 who are substantially deficient in reading in order to provide instruction that incorporates the competencies for early reading success and effective reading. Priority is given first to elementary and then to middle schools with the highest number of students who are substantially deficient in reading.