Guide for Specific Learning Disabilities in Reading and Written Expression

The Connecticut State Department of Education has updated/revised our Connecticut Assessment Resource Guide for Specific Learning Disabilities in Reading and Written Expression (Resource Guide), previously known as the Specific Learning Disability (SLD)/Dyslexia Assessment Resource Guide.Revisions made in 2023 includes a new title for the assessment resource guide, expanded assessment options for each reading-related component skill, additional assessment options for written expression, an integral component of literacy, updated tests and subtests to reflect the most recently revised versions, as well as updated definitions of components skills, based on a review of applicable literature and current research. The Resource Guide was developed to support planning and placement team (PPT) efforts to design and implement a comprehensive evaluation process for kindergarten through twelfth grade (K-12) students suspected of having a reading or writing disability, utilizing both general education and special education data sources. LEAs are encouraged to use this resource to explore their district’s capacity to screen for students at risk for a SLD in reading, including SLD/Dyslexia, and/or in written expression, monitor the progress of students receiving reading intervention, and conduct comprehensive evaluations when a reading disability is suspected.

Questions can be addressed to Special Education Division Director Bryan Klimkiewicz.

Comments and suggestions can be directed to Athena McAlenney, Associate Education Consultant, CSDE, Talent Office, Office of Dyslexia and Reading Disabilities.