TEAM - Module 3


Module 3 of TEAM is aligned with domain 4 of the Common Core of Teaching (CCT) - Instruction for Active Learning.

To complete this module, teachers implement instruction in order to engage students in rigorous and relevant learning and to promote their curiosity about the world at large by:

  1. Using a variety of evidence-based strategies to enable students to apply and construct new learning;
  2. Using technological and digital resources strategically to promote learning;
  3. Leading students to construct meaning through the use of active learning strategies such as purposeful discourse and/or inquiry-based learning;
  4. Varying the student and teacher roles in ways that develop independence and interdependence with the gradual release of responsibility to students;
  5. Using differentiated instruction and supplemental interventions to support students with learning difficulties, disabilities and/or particular gifts and talents;
  6. Monitoring student learning and adjusting teaching during instruction in response to student performance and engagement in learning tasks; and
  7. Providing meaningful, appropriate and specific feedback to students during instruction to improve their performance.