TEAM - Module 1


Module 1 of TEAM is aligned with domain 2 of the Common Core of Teaching (CCT) - Classroom Environment, Student Engagement and Commitment to Learning.

To complete this module, teachers need to exhibit the ability to promote student engagement, independence and interdependence in learning by facilitating a positive learning community.

The following indicators are observed in reviewing this module:

  1. Creating a class climate that is responsive to and respectful of the learning needs of students with diverse backgrounds, interests and performance levels
  2. Promoting engagement in and shared responsibility for the learning process including encouraging opportunities for students to initiate their own questions and inquiry
  3. Providing explicit instruction about social skills to develop students’ social competence and responsible and ethical behavior by using a continuum of proactive strategies that may be individualized to student needs
  4. Fostering appropriate standards of behavior that support a productive learning environment for all students
  5. Maximizing the amount of time spent on learning by effectively managing routines and transitions