Diversifying the Educator Workforce


Hiring and Selection Guidebook coverThe diversity gap between Connecticut’s teachers and students persists. Although gains are evident, the racial, ethnic, cultural, and linguistic diversity of Connecticut’s educator workforce does not reflect the diversity of its students. Educator talent hiring and selection is impacted by how educator recruitment and hiring is conceived, and the language used to describe and message the intentional work to diversify and strengthen the educator workforce. The continuum of educator talent development encompasses how educators are recruited, prepared, selected, hired, developed, mentored, supported and retained. The conceptualization, language, and all of the points along the continuum require thoughtful intention and attention. Below are two important tools created to focus and assist school district efforts to support the technical aspects of plan development, and address underlying racial, cultural, relational, and systems issues for successful creation and implementation of hiring and selection plans to increase educator diversity.

Creating a District Plan to Increase the Racial, Ethnic and Linguistic Diversity of Your Educator Workforce: A Guidebook for Hiring and Selection is intended to support school districts in their efforts to increase the racial, ethnic, and linguistic diversity of their educator workforce by exploring, interrupting, and ameliorating the potential for bias in the hiring and selection process. Closing the opportunity gap for students of color requires a diverse educator workforce who are ready and willing to examine and confront their biases to ensure that the intent and impact of educational policies and practices are bias-free.

Increasing Educator Diversity Toolkit for District and School Leaders Creating an Action Plan and Sustaining Efforts to Increase Educator Diversity: Toolkit for District & School Leaders is a companion to, and designed to complement the Guidebook for Hiring and Selection. The Increasing Educator Diversity Toolkit guidance is informed by lessons learned from a coaching pilot conducted with 12 districts between January 2020 and June 2021. Among other things, the guidance provided is intended to help district and school leaders develop an action plan that clearly defines and communicates data-informed goals, strategies, and indicators of progress; and details how the district should engage in cycles of continuous improvement to sustain efforts and achieve goals. The Toolkit contains two fillable forms: (1) the Increasing Educator Diversity Plan Template; and (2) the Increasing Educator Diversity Plan Progress Monitoring and Self-Evaluation Tool. Advancing educator diversity, and culturally responsive and relevant practice in schools can improve outcomes for all Connecticut students. With a focus on high-leverage strategies, the CSDE and its key partners in this important work continue to design and deliver resources across the educator continuum to provide school districts with research-based supports.

Minority Teacher Recruitment (MTR) Annual Reports:

In accordance with Public Act (P.A.) 16-41, An Act Concerning the Recommendations of the Minority Teacher Recruitment Task Force, Sections 2, 3, and 6, the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) convened the Minority Teacher Recruitment (MTR) Policy Oversight Council and measured the effectiveness of MTR programs using participant surveys and results-based accountability measures.