CSDE Resource Guide for New Administrators


The Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) Talent Office is pleased to announce the release of the CSDE Resource Guide for New Administrators. The Guide was developed as an induction tool to assist new administrators during the first years in their new roles. It is intended to be an easy-to-use resource that includes must-know information and access to resources from the CSDE. It can be accessed as an electronic document and includes links to additional resources and information.

The Guide was developed by the Talent Office in collaboration with consultants in CSDE Bureaus and represents the collective work of the following Offices: the Academic Office, Communications Office, Office of Student Supports and Organizational Effectiveness, Performance Office, and Turnaround Office.

While our overall goal in developing the CSDE Resource Guide was to support new administrators, it can also be useful in the following ways:

Administrator Preparation Programs:

  • As a supplement to course content
  • As a resource to administrator preparation program students in their internship/clinical experiences
  • As a coaching tool during internship/clinical experiences
  • As an introduction to the CT Leader Evaluation and Support Rubric 2017, the most common rubric used in CT for the evaluation and support of administrators

Pre-K-12 Districts:

  • As a support to new administrators
  • As a resource to all school and district administrators
  • As a coaching tool for improvement of administrator practice
  • As a resource for professional learning
  • As a resource to support a school’s Talent Continuum, specifically in the areas of Induction, Evaluation and Support, Professional Learning, and Leadership Development.

The CSDE is committed to high expectations for every student, providing access to great teachers and leaders, and ensuring that schools are safe, welcoming, and culturally responsive learning environments. Connecticut schools need great leaders to ensure equity and excellence for all students.

The CSDE is a partner with the University of Connecticut, a recipient of the Wallace University Principal Preparation Initiative (UPPI) grant. The CSDE Resource Guide for New Administrators was developed with support from the Wallace Foundation UPPI grant.