Connecticut Veterans


Connecticut Students Need Veterans

Connecticut honors veterans, and we value the skillsets veterans have to offer. We encourage veterans and their families to teach in Connecticut and look forward to supporting the transition from the Military to the field of education.
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  • Please visit the educator certification page for different pathway options into the field of education.
  • Troops to Teachers is no longer accepting applications. Scholarships and other financial aid support may be available through


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When you’re trying to start a teaching career, there can be a lot to consider and keep track of. That’s why the Connecticut State Department of Education created, an online platform to support aspiring educators in becoming certified teachers. With TEACH Connecticut, you can sign up for a free, 30 minute 1-on-1 career coaching call with a current CT teacher to help you get started in choosing the right path towards teaching for you!

Our redesigned homepage will allow you to easily locate everything that an aspiring teacher will need to explore and take steps towards teaching. Once you have signed up for a completely free TEACH Connecticut account, you will see customized recommendations for the most relevant content, tools, and services based on your profile and preferences. We are here to connect you to resources and communities that aim to support you in your journey towards certification!