Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)


Connecticut General Statutes

  • Section 10-222d: Safe school climate plans. Definitions. School climate assessments
  • Section 10-222q: Social and Emotional Learning and School Climate Advisory Collaborative
  • Section 10-222r: Publication of plain language explanation of rights and remedies
  • Section 10-222s: Provision of training materials re prevention of and intervention in discrimination and harassment against students
  • Section 10-222t: Administration of social-emotional learning assessment
  • Section 10-222u: State-wide social-emotional support strategy
  • Section 10-222v: Social-emotional learning standards for grades four to twelve
  • Section 10-233(a-n): Concerning the appropriate use of suspension in CT schools
  • Section 10-233(o): Standards re alternative educational opportunities.
  • Section 10-233l: Concerning Out-Of-School Suspensions and Expulsions for Students in Preschool and Grades Kindergarten to Two
  • Section 10-222j: Training, prevention, identification and response to school bullying, teen dating violence and youth suicide
  • Section 10-222d: Safe school climate plans and assessment
  • Section 10-198d: Concerning Chronic Absenteeism
  • Section 10-220a: Concerning In-service training. Professional development and evaluation committees. Institutes for educators. Cooperating teacher program, regulations.
  • Section 10-222g: Prevention and intervention strategy for bullying and teen dating violence
  • Section 17a-22ff: Children's Mental, Emotional and Behavioral Health Plan Implementation Advisory Board