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Welcome to the Performance Matters Forum 2018, presented to you by Connecticut State Department of Education's Performance Office in partnership with the University of Connecticut Neag School of Education. It is our pleasure to share the information organized in 5 threads of related sessions:

  • Data Collection
  • Assessment
  • EdSight
  • Accountability
  • Research and Evaluation

During this forum, please use this opportunity to meet the professionals behind the voices at the CSDE end of the telephone line and to network with educators from around the state whose roles in their districts are similar to yours. The data that are gathered each school year yield a great deal of information about the education system in our state. Thank you for joining us to learn about some of the things that the numbers tell us, to understand some of the implications of findings, and to ask questions of our state data and research resources.

On behalf of Dr. Dianna Wentzell, Commissioner of Education, and Ajit Gopalakrishnan, Chief Performance Officer, we wish you a great day and look forward to our time with one another.