About the Collection: CT-SEDS Referral and Evaluation (previously Evaluation Timelines)

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Used collect data to monitor compliance to the federal timeline regarding initial evaluations and eligibility determination for special education and related services. The data allows the state to monitor referrals, the proportion of student’s referred and found eligible, as well as whether evaluations are completed within the federally established timeline of 60 calendar days from the date of parental consent. 


Important Dates*:


 Open Date

Submission Due Date

Final Revision Date

Freeze Dates

2023-24 Always Open 6/30/2024 11/15/2024 12/15/2024
2024-25 Always Open 6/30/2025 11/15/2025 12/15/2025

    * Should the Timely and Accurate Due Dates fall on a weekend or holiday, and the district is unable to submit the file on those dates, it is assumed that the data are due to the  CSDE on the business day prior to the listed due date.