Interdistrict Cooperative Grant Program


Interdistrict Cooperative Grant Program (ICGP) 

The Interdistrict Cooperative Grant Programs was established under Section 10-74d of the Connecticut General Statutes for the purpose of assisting local and regional boards of education, regional educational service centers and nonsectarian, nonprofit organizations with programs that increase student achievement and reduce racial, ethnic and economic isolation.

Go to the CSDE Request for Proposals (RFP#001) page for current application materials.

In determining whether an application shall be approved and funds awarded, the CSDE shall consider the following factors as well as other factors as set forth in this application:

1. Reducing Racial, Ethnic and Economic Isolation–significant, meaningful, well-articulated programs and activities based on sound research;

2. Increasing High Academic Achievement of All Students in Reading, Writing, Mathematics or Science–programs that are aligned with current Connecticut Standards and frameworks in K-12 English Language Arts and Mathematics, with academically sound enrichment activities as a significant component. Programs and activities must be designed to lead to observable and measurable improvement in student learning and academic achievement;

3. Objectives and Description of the proposed program;

4. Cost of the Program; and

5. Number of school districts and students that will benefit.

The Commissioner shall not award a grant for a program, other than a lighthouse school, in which more than 80 percent of the students are from one school district.

Final Online Report Information

To access the Interdistrict Cooperative Grant Database, go to the CSDE Legacy Data Collection web site and log-in using your district legacy user name and password. 

For login or technical assistance, please contact the CSDE Bureau of Information Technology at 860-713-6610.