Certification of Meal Pattern Compliance for School Nutrition Programs


USDA Meal Pattern Compliance Worksheets

The USDA certification tools include menu worksheets and simplified nutrient assessment worksheets. These tools must be used by all Connecticut school food authorities (SFAs) for certification of meal pattern compliance.

USDA Worksheet Instructions
Breakfast and Lunch Worksheets: School Year 2023-24

All breakfast and lunch worksheets are available for the following grade groups: K-5, K-8, 6-8, 9-12, and K-12.

Note: The three-day, four-day, six-day, and seven-day menu worksheets are only for schools that regularly operate for three, four, six, or seven days. Schools with occasional decreases in the regular school week due to holidays, snow days, or other reasons are not required to adjust the weekly requirements; and should continue to use the five-day week worksheets. For more information, refer to Menu Planning for Shorter and Longer Weeks.