Professional Support Series for Familes

Family Tips: Providing Social and Emotional Support to Children for COVID-19

Families are the first line of defense in reassuring children during this time of uncertainty. Children will look to family members for support and how to react to stressful events. This webinar will support families in talking with children about their fears and help reduce anxiety through these discussion points: discussing COVID-19 with children and responding to their fears and anxiety; ensuring developmental-appropriate responses and information, especially on safety; recognizing your own anxiety and fears; and focusing on family activities (examples and resources will be available).

Presenters: Kimberly Traverso, LPC, MSC, Behavioral Health and Social-Emotional Learning Consultant; Stephanie Knutson, Ed.D., MSN, RN, School Nursing and Health Education Consultant; Scott Newgass, LCSW, MSW, Mental Health and Crisis Management Consultant; Judy Carson, Ph.D., School-Family-Community Partnerships Consultant