Spark Innovation

The Spark Innovation Webinar Series aims to spark innovation and inspire school districts across Connecticut as they determine how to improve their ARP ESSER application to best meet their students’ needs. Meant to be a spark instead of a deep dive, these sessions are for 30 minutes, every Tuesday and Thursday in July.

Session 1 - Creating the Road to Success for Students in the Classroom
Session 2 - Expanding & Amplifying Equity through ESSER II and ARP ESSER 
Session 3 - Focusing on Attendance & Engagement in the New Normal
Session 4 - Engaging Families to Support Student Learning
Session 5 - Preparing & Supporting our Educator Workforce
Session 6 - Prioritizing Social, Emotional and Mental Health of our Students
Session 7 - Serving the unique needs of high-school students
Session 8 - Building Safe & Healthy Schools