Talk Tuesdays - Student Attendance and Engagement


Talk Tuesdays are information sharing sessions that provide district and school staff an opportunity to support each other and their work to improve student attendance and engagement. Virtual sessions are a quick way to stay in touch with a network of support. One hour sessions are held every other Tuesday and engage state agency, district and school staff in an open dialogue around student attendance and engagement. Meetings are open to all working to improve engagement and attendance – school, district and community members.

The objectives of Talk Tuesdays are to:1) stay up-to-date on state policies, practices, events and issues; 2) share successes and lessons learned, 3) trouble-shoot common concerns and 4) provide overall support to each other.  Participants help identify the topics for future meetings, present problems of practice, and spend time together expanding our knowledge and capacity to engage students in school.

Register for Talk Tuesdays (one time registration for all sessions) at: you have trouble registering, please contact Holli Ryan at 

Talk Tuesday Sessions 2023-24

 Summer Series 2023 - "Back to Basics"

Watch! Winter 2023 - E-Learning Series on Attendance & Engagement with Attendance Works - download materials and view recordings.