Chronic Absence

How To

CT State Department of Education Evidence-based Practice Guides
The CSDE Evidence-Based Practice Guides include strategies for addressing chronic absence and the school climate section. These guides are intended to inform school and district decision-making regarding instructional and student support programming and to optimize the use of local, state, and federal school improvement funds.
Implement a Systemic Approach
Reducing Chronic Absence in Connecticut's Schools: A Prevention and Intervention Guide for Districts and Schools
Connecticut's Reducing Chronic Absence in Connecticut Schools: A Prevention and Intervention Guide for Schools and Districts provides additional support for schools and districts including: definitions, examples of root causes, local intervention models; strategies for districts and schools as well as state and national resources. Watch a webinar overview of the guidance document and student attendance tracking! Download the slideshow presentation.
Create Awareness
Connecticut Attendance Awareness Campaign   #attendtodayct

The Connecticut Attendance Awareness Campaign provides districts, schools, and community partners with resources and artwork where entities can add their own logo to the design work. The campaign's webpage has printable and downloadable resources  for schools and districts, including posters, coloring pages, banners, and handouts for parents and others. All of the materials are in English and Spanish. On this site, you will also find information on how to connect to the national Attendance Works Awareness Campaign.

Ensure Quality Data
Student Attendance Reporting in the Public School Information System (PSIS)
The CSDE Performance Office provides guidance and offers technical assistance on reporting student attendance and the analysis of all student attendance measures. Helpful resources can be found below. Contact for reporting assistance.
Create a Community-based System of Supports and Services for Students who are Truant or Defiant of School Rules

 A referral form and guidance document for referral to a Youth Service Bureau has been developed to assist local communities in the establishment of community-based systems of supports and systems for students who are truant. Students who are truant or defiant of school rules may no longer be referred to the juvenile court. Guidance is provided in the resources below.

Provide Equal Access
Guidance for Connecticut School Districts: Enrollment Process and Practice

Federal and state law requires that all students – including students from other countries and homeless students – be enrolled promptly, without having to answer questions, or provide documents, that are unnecessary for confirming residency in the district or age. CSDE guidance is provided below: