Attendance Awareness Campaign


Districts and schools are encouraged to participate in the national Attendance Awareness Campaign,  In our partnership with the RESC Alliance and Attendance Works, messaging materials are available, in multiple languages, for Connecticut districts and schools to use in their own campaigns.  These materials, linked below, may be downloaded and branded with your district's logo.   The resources include banners, parent handouts, posters and coloring pages.  All resources are in PDF format.
Parent Handouts
Door Hangers
Coloring Pages 
Instructions for adding your logo to PDFs:
  1. Save your logo in .jpg or transparent .png format. (Note: If your logo is a .jpg, the background color it is placed against will not show through and instead it will sit in a white square or rectangle. If it is a transparent .png, the background will show through and there will be no square or rectangle visible.)
  2. Open the PDF document in Adobe Acrobat Pro.
  3. From the Tools menu at the top of the screen or the Tools panel on the right, select “Edit PDF.”
  4. Select “Add Image.”
  5. Navigate to your saved logo and click “Open.”
  6. Your logo will now appear on the PDF with handles in each corner of the image. Click and drag one of these handles to resize the image if necessary, and click and drag in the center of the image to move it around.
  7. Move your logo to right below the Attendance Works logo. The Attendance Works logo, or a line reading, “Used with permission of Attendance Works” should remain on the  document.
  8. Save your PDF.