Connecticut Adult Virtual High School


The Connecticut Adult Virtual High School (CT AVHS) enables local providers of adult education to extend their Adult High School Credit Diploma Program (AHSCDP) and General Educational Development (GED) preparation services by offering online learning opportunities to Connecticut residents.

AHSCDP learners can choose to participate in a wide array of half-credit courses that includes Algebra, American Government/Civics, Biology, Contemporary Literature, Contemporary Issues, Financial Literacy, Life Management Skills, Physical Science - Physics, and Transitions. These courses are designed specifically for the adult education student and include class discussions, assignments, and one-on-one teacher interaction, just as they would in an "on ground" course. 
All online courses are taught by teachers who are Connecticut State Certified in the respective subject area. Teachers have been trained to teach the online course asynchronously, (with the understanding that students will be logged on at different times of the day, and on different days of the week than their classmates, or the teacher).
GED preparation courses prepare students to pass the GED tests and are designed to help learners work at their own pace through the course material.
Personal mentoring support is available through local adult education programs to all learners enrolled in the CT AVHS courses.

The CT AVHS is provided for the Department of Education by the Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium.