Adult Education Program Profiles


Adult Education Program Profiles The Adult Education Program Profile Report is a comprehensive data report that provides detailed information about the participation and performance of learners in adult education programs. This report is produced for every adult education provider that receives state and federal funding through the Department of Education. This report includes data relative to:
  • Program Information including funding levels and community need;
  • Program Enrollment and Student Demographics;
  • Student Characteristics at Entry;
  • Student Performance; and
  • Supplemental Information
These items are described in detail in the Program Profile Glossary. The Department utilizes a longitudinal management information system, LACES, to collect individual student data on student demographics, entry status, goals, attendance, achievements, and test scores. The Program Profile report is used by local providers for program management and improvement purposes. At the end of the fiscal year, the Department uses this report to evaluate the performance of all local providers against the statewide performance through the data-driven framework for program improvement and accountability.

Program Profile reports are available for the following fiscal years: