Reading CORE: The Connecticut Review Process

The CSDE developed the PreK–3 Reading Connecticut Review Process to Evaluate Curricula and Programs (Reading CORE). The Reading CORE rubric is designed for use by the CSDE, in consultation with the Reading Leadership Implementation Council, to review reading curriculum models and programs for use by local and regional boards of education for students in PreK–3, inclusive, that are evidence-based/scientifically based. The Reading CORE rubric was adapted from the Curriculum Ratings by Teachers (CURATE) project designed by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).

The CSDE’s CORE Review Team consisted of 16 Connecticut literacy experts, CSDE staff, and educational leaders. Several members of the Reading Leadership Implementation Council served on the CORE Review Team. In total, the CORE Review Team reviewed and rated the 25 curriculum models or programs on each of the 25 critical literacy indicators aligned to the science of reading that are listed in the 2022 Guidelines. Each curriculum model or program was reviewed by at least two reviewers. In addition to the ratings of Connecticut reviewers, other credible and comprehensive literacy material reviews and research findings, including CURATEEdReports, and the Colorado Department of Education Advisory List of Instructional Programming, were considered before final approval.