Five-Year Comprehensive Plan


Every Student Prepared for Learning, Life and Work Beyond School

Five-year Comprehensive Plan for Education 2023-2028

The State Board of Education’s comprehensive plan for education over the next five years will position us to deliver on the promise of a high-quality public education to every child in Connecticut by focusing on the four strategic areas of focus outlined in this document. Succeeding in the implementation of this strategic plan will improve the outcomes for many students who need our support the most. It will create the conditions to allow for them to make productive choices about their preferred pathway to enjoy the full benefit of rigorous preparation for life after high school.

While the responsibility for implementing this plan rests with the CSDE working in cooperation with local boards of education, districts and schools across the state, and key educational partners, this plan belongs to the residents of Connecticut. We are grateful to the thousands of Connecticut parents, students, educators, local school board members, policymakers, and community members who attended meetings, participated in focus groups, and responded to surveys, and whose contributions helped inform the development of this plan.

As the plan is implemented, all work across the CSDE is aligned to the vision and goals articulated here. The CSDE will continue to approach the work with a growth mindset and find areas for efficiencies and improvements thereby resulting in stronger leadership, clearer guidance, and improved delivery of service to our students, educators, schools, districts, and families. We look forward to the work ahead to implement this plan and to our continued partnerships to improve outcomes for Connecticut’s students.