Holder Alerts

(updated February 22, January 2021) 

Alert: Change to Holder Reporting New Website and Online Reporting Coming!

Alert: Change to Holder Reporting – New Website and Online Reporting!

Our Unclaimed Property Division has undergone a modernization and implemented a new online reporting system and website. Please see further information below regarding our reporting system:

Our new unclaimed property website will be: www.CTBigList.com.

PHYSICAL REPORTS (coversheets, Form ST77, CD’s/USB’s or emailed NAUPA files) are no longer accepted.

A new Unclaimed Property system was implemented on February 22, 2021:

  • All reports are to be submitted via the new online reporting system/State Website (including negative reports)
  • Please note: .HDE files will no longer be compatible, NAUPA file format for upload must be: .txt, .rpt, or .hrs
  • Physical signed/notarized coversheets are no longer required with the new system (there will be an electronic signature before final submittal)
  • The new site/system will have an online payment option (processed as an ACH through our bank payment portal), and we will continue to accept Checks or Wire payments


Please check our new website, www.CTBigList.com, for further updates.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.


DUE DATES: Holder reports for calendar year 2020 must be delivered and received within 90 days after the December 31, 2020 presumption of abandonment date, but no later than Wednesday, March 31, 2021.  Holder reports must be received -- not postmarked -- by the deadline.

Contact Information:Please be sure that the contact person listed on the holder report has valid contact information (including phone number) and is the person our office, or the owner, may contact concerning the information reported.  This should not be a generic unclaimed property reporting number; our office requires a valid contact person to discuss problems with the reports.

Delivery of Securities: Prior to delivery of securities, be sure to follow procedures and submit a "pre-approval" listing for review by UCP staff prior to inclusion on your holder report and delivery to our DTC account. The Treasurer's Office has the authority to refuse delivery of securities that have no value, are worthless, or cannot be delivered. [CGS Section 3-65a (f) . . . The Treasurer may decline to receive any property the value of which is less than the cost of giving notice or holding sale, or may postpone taking possession until a sufficient sum accumulates.]

Out of State Property: Connecticut requests that all property be reported to the state of the rightful owner’s last known address.  Out of country property may be reported to Connecticut if the holder is located in Connecticut.  If an address is not known, but the holder is located in Connecticut, the property also can be reported to Connecticut.

Roth IRAs: Roth IRAs may not escheat in Connecticut because there is no mandatory distribution date to trigger the dormancy period.

Health Savings Accounts (HSA): At this time, Health Savings Accounts may not escheat in Connecticut because there is no maturity date to trigger the dormancy period.  Property may be returned to the original format (such as a savings account) and escheated from that mechanism.

Failure to comply or late filing:Failure to comply with Connecticut unclaimed property statutes and UCP delivery instructions may result in a 15% per annum penalty as mandated under CGS Section 3-65b.