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Connecticut Public Scorecard

The CT Scorecard will compare the quality of care for networks of organizations using Connecticut’s Multi-Payer Measures Set. The CT Scorecard supports the aim of Connecticut’s State Innovation Model to increase transparency related to healthcare cost and quality by disseminating information through a public online healthcare quality scorecard.

Public Scorecard Project Overview

Public Scorecard Attribution Methodology

Public Scorecard Benchmark, Rating, and Risk Adjustment

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Quality Council Report

The final Report of the Quality Council on a Multi-Payer Quality Measure Set for Improving Connecticut's Healthcare Quality was approved by the Healthcare Innovation Steering Committee on November 10, 2016. The report contains recommendations regarding a core set of quality measures for use in value-based payment arrangements.

The Healthcare Innovation Steering Committee approved the final recommendations of the Quality Council regarding a core set of quality measures for use in value-based payment arrangements. Currently, healthcare providers are required to track and report on an excessive number of quality measures in use by various payers. This contributes to provider reporting burden; e.g., in the United States, physicians spend on average, 785 hours each, and more than $15 billion total dealing with the reporting of quality measures (Health Affairs, March 2016). Public and private payers are encouraged to consider adopting these recommended measures for use in value-based payment arrangements, with the aim of reducing the burden and cost of quality reporting; improving the availability of comparable and reliable data on quality performance; and advancing continuous quality improvement in Connecticut.

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