Cost Growth Benchmark Technical Team

Cost Growth Benchmark Technical Team Overview

The Technical Team is no longer active. 

The Technical Team includes experts who will directly engage with OHS, facilitated by consulting experts at Bailit Health, on the creation of the annual healthcare cost growth and quality benchmarks, and primary care spending targets. The team will receive input from the Stakeholder Advisory Board, also facilitated by Bailit Health, on most initiatives.

The Technical Team’s charge is to meet the following objectives per Executive Order #5:

  1. Recommend annual cost growth benchmarks across all payers and populations for CYs 2021-2025 by maximizing work from Connecticut and other states, including best-in-class efforts and existing cost growth benchmarks, and then adapt approaches for CT.
  2. Recommend primary care spending targets across all payers and populations as a share of total health care expenditures for CYs 2021-2025, to reach a target of 10% by 2025.
  3. Prioritize health equity in recommendations.