Medication Reconciliation & Polypharmacy Committee


In May of 2018, the Connecticut General Assembly passed Special Act 18-6: An Act Requiring the Health Information Technology Officer Establish a Working Group to Evaluate Issues Concerning Polypharmacy and Medication Reconciliation. The Medication Reconciliation and Polypharmacy Work Group was established under the purview of the State Health IT Advisory Council. 

In compliance with statute, the Medication Reconciliation and Polypharmacy Work Group has completed recommendations to address medication reconciliation and the challenges in polypharmacy summarized in a final report was submitted to the Connecticut General Assembly on June 30, 2019.

Following the completion of the final report, the Health IT Advisory Council affirmed the recommendation to create the Medication and Polypharmacy Committee (MRPC) as a standing committee to continue its work.

The charter for the MRPC is to provide strategic guidance, recommendations, and ongoing support to the Health IT Advisory Council and the Office of Health Strategy (OHS) for the development and implementation of patient-centered and evidence-based best practices necessary to contribute to the development and maintenance of a best possible medications history (BPMH), supported by communication, education, and user-friendly digital tools. The MRPC will build upon the approved recommendations and areas of focus identified by the Medication Reconciliation & Polypharmacy Work Group. 

This monthly meeting schedule can be viewed here.