APCD Advisory Group



Created in 2012 by Public Act 12-166, Connecticut’s All-Payer Claims Database (APCD) was established as a program to receive, store, and analyze health insurance claims data. The Act requires health insurers of health care services to submit medical and pharmacy claims data, as well as information on providers and eligibility. Information derived from this data seeks to improve the health of Connecticut’s residents through the collection and analysis of data and the promotion of research addressing safety, quality, transparency, access, and efficiency at all levels of health care delivery.

Legislation in 2012 also established an APCD Advisory Council. In 2017, the APCD Advisory Council, through C.G.S. §17b-59f(e)(1), became a subcommittee of the Health Information Technology Advisory Council known as the APCD Advisory Group.  

The 2024 APCD Advisory Group quarterly meeting schedule can be viewed here

The APCD Advisory Group Charter can be viewed here