HUSKY - Healthcare for Uninsured Kids & Youth

While many businesses in Connecticut offer health insurance to their employees, some may not be able to cover part-time workers or extend health coverage to the children of employees.

Comprehensive Coveragestethoscope

HUSKY, is Connecticut 's health insurance program that provides low-cost or free, comprehensive coverage for families or single aduults at very low incomes.  HUSKY can cover children from birth to age 19 in families of all income levels.  Depending on their income, some parents, relative caregivers, and pregnant women can also get HUSKY coverage.  HUSKY pays for doctors visit, preventive and hospital care, dental and vision care, mental health services, and more.  Single adults whose incomes are below 56% of the federal poverty level (FPL) may qualify for Medicaid.  (In 2014, eligiblity for single adults will rise to 133% of the FPL.)

Improved Productivity

Studies have shown that when all family members receive health care, employees come to work with peace of mind.  Their productivity increases and absentee rates often decrease when they are getting the health care they need.  Everyone wins when families get needed health care!

No Cost for Employers

For employers, HUSKY is easy and cost-free.  HUSKY is a state- and federally-funded program, so you don't even handle enrollment.  

If Your Employees have Insurance

Even if your employees have health insurance, they may still be able to get HUSKY.  Depending on their income, they may be able to use HUSKY to cover deductibles and some services not covered by the employer-sponsored health plan.

Call for More Information

To find out more about HUSKY health care or to sign up, employees can call too free at 1-877-CT-HUSKY (1-877-284-8759).