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(HARTFORD, CT) - Today, Lieutenant Governor Susan Bysiewicz, joined by constitutional officers, state legislators and LGBTQ+ advocates, recognized International Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV) with a press conference and flag raising. Today marked the second time in state history that the Transgender Pride flag was flown over the Connecticut State Capitol.

“In recognition of Transgender Day of Visibility, today, we raised the Trans Pride Flag to fly over the Connecticut State Capitol for only the second time in state history – but certainly, not the last! Now more than ever, it’s important to celebrate and recognize the many contributions the transgender and gender non-conforming community have made,” said Lt. Governor Bysiewicz. “I hope that today’s flag raising sends a clear message to the trans community: we see you, we love you, and you will always have a home in Connecticut.”

“Every person deserves to feel safe and welcome in Connecticut, without exception. The anti-trans rhetoric embraced by bigoted extremists and peddled through divisive policies is damaging and disgraceful. Events like Trans Day of Visibility are a necessary display of our common decency and shared commitment to each other as one Connecticut community. Trans people — and all people — need to know that their government will protect their rights and freedoms, without exception,” said Connecticut State Treasurer Erick Russell.

“For those existing outside society's conventional norms, visibility is not just crucial; it's a lifeline. Positive representation can pave the way for wider acceptance and understanding in society.

“However, alongside this progress, we cannot ignore the stark reality of concerted pushback against the transgender community. Anti-trans legislation is sweeping across the nation, and even here in Connecticut, we are witnessing the introduction of bills that threaten the rights and dignity of trans individuals. Mere visibility, without accompanying action and systemic change, can inadvertently exacerbate the challenges faced by the trans community. We must strive for true systemic change that addresses the needs and rights of transgender individuals comprehensively.

“Together, let us commit to ensuring that Trans Day of Visibility is not just a symbolic gesture but a catalyst for tangible change and progress toward a more inclusive and equitable Connecticut for all,” said State Representatives Raghib Allie-Brennan, Marcus Brown, Jeff Currey, and Dominique Johnson of the LGBTQ+ Caucus.

“The New Haven Pride Center stands in solidarity with our vibrant and resilient transgender community across Connecticut. This day serves as a reminder of the strength and beauty found in every unique trans person. We celebrate the courage and resilience of trans individuals who boldly live their truth despite adversity,” said Juancarlos Soto, New Haven Pride Center Executive Director. “At the New Haven Pride Center, we are committed to fostering a world where transgender people are not only visible but embraced, respected, and celebrated for who they are. Together, we strive to create inclusive spaces where all gender identities are affirmed, and everyone can thrive authentically. On this Trans Day of Visibility, let us recommit to amplifying transgender voices, advocating for equality, and building a future filled with a sense of belonging and appreciation.”

“As a transgender male myself, Transgender Visibility Day is a day that is meant to raise awareness of discrimination that the community has faced. Despite that, this day is also meant to embrace love and self-identity! It allows individuals to express themselves in the most beautiful way possible. Eventually, the goal is to create a safe space for all transgender individuals and other members of the LGBTQIA community,” said Kason Dacres, Program Manager for the Health Collective.

“Not everyone is "out". TDOV is important because it visibly shows transgender/non-binary people that may be isolated that they are not alone. TDOV reminds people in our local towns that our lives are not theoretical and that we are also a part of the community,” said Lindsey Pasquale, PFLAG Hartford Co-President and PFLAG National Northeast Regional Director. “At PFLAG we know these things because whether we meet them while tabling at an event, or in one of our support meetings, this is what CT people tell us. It's more than affirming books, flags, or healthcare. It is more than the ability to use the bathroom or participate in a relay race for Field Day as the gender we are and not the one our doctors guessed we were. But in 2024, let's show we can handle at least this much. And for those transgender and/or non-binary people who are not "out" - at PFLAG we see you, we love you, and you are valid.”

“Transgender and Nonbinary Folx see their humanity and existence questioned and often denied every single day. The Connecticut LGBTQ+ Justice and Opportunity Network was created in part to raise our collective humanity and to respect every person’s ability, make that right to more than just exist,” said Barry Walters, Chair, CT LGBTQ+ Justice and Opportunity Network. “Transgender Day of Visibility is an opportunity for all of us to see each other for who we are, who we can be, and to normalize all human existence regardless of how we identify and who we love.”

“Thank you, Lieutenant Governor, for this incredible display of support for the trans community. Actions like this let trans youth know that they belong in Connecticut and that they are seen, heard, and valued,” said Melissa Combs, Out Accountability Project.

March 31 is International Transgender Day of Visibility, an annual event that focuses on celebrating the lives of transgender people and recognizing the issues they face.

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