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Lt. Governor Susan Bysiewicz


Lt. Governor Bysiewicz and Governot Lamont Pay Tribute to Connecticut's Fallen at 12th Annual Wall of Honor Ceremony

(HARTFORD, CT) – On Thursday afternoon, Lieutenant Governor Susan Bysiewicz hosted the 12th annual Wall of Honor ceremony at the State Capitol in Hartford. Joined by Governor Ned Lamont and Major General Fran Evon, Adjutant General of the Connecticut National Guard, Department of Veterans Affairs Commissioner Thomas Saadi, state officials, and military families, the event memorializes the 65 Connecticut troops killed in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan since the 2001 terrorist attacks.

No new names have been added to the wall since 2015. During this year’s ceremony, state officials recognized Air Force Tech. Sgt. John Chapman of Windsor Locks who in 2018 posthumously became the first member of the Air Force since the Vietnam War to receive the Medal of Honor, the nation’s highest award for valor in combat.

Lt. Governor Bysiewicz said, “After the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 our country was forced to defend itself after thousands of civilians lost their lives in an undeclared war. This memorial tells the stories of a united America and it tells the stories of the men and women from Connecticut who stood up to defend our country. Some had just graduated high school and some had families of their own. All of them fought and died for this nation and today we remember them as the heroes they truly are.”

Governor Ned Lamont said, “The men and women who are memorialized on the Connecticut Wall of Honor represent the very best of our state. These brave members of our military dedicated themselves to our nation and gave their lives protecting our freedoms. This memorial, prominently displayed at the State Capitol, is a tribute to their lives, reminding each one of us every day as we walk these halls about the true meaning of what it is to be a hero.”

The Wall of Honor is a permanent memorial that includes photos of each of the 65 Connecticut service members from all branches of the military who were killed in action. It is located in the concourse area of the State Capitol building, which connects to the Legislative Office Building. Throughout the year, thousands of visitors view the memorial while visiting the State Capitol.

Maj. General Evon said, “As Memorial Day approaches, we remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our nation. The 65 Connecticut men and women who adorn the Wall of Honor answered the call to defend our nation and laid down their lives in service to our country. We have a duty to ensure their names are never forgotten.”

Commissioner Saadi said, “These men and women were from each branch of the military and ranged in rank from Private to Lt. Colonel. Some were barely 20 years old while others were in their 50’s when they passed. They came from all walks of life, ethnic and racial backgrounds and religions, however they had one thing in common, they were brothers and sisters in arms who volunteered to serve their nation, and who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we may live free.”

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