Lt. Governor Susan Bysiewicz

Susan and family

Sworn in on January 4, 2023, Susan Bysiewicz is serving her second term as Connecticut’s 109th Lieutenant Governor. 


During their time in office, Lt. Governor Bysiewicz and Governor Ned Lamont have made significant investments to support the state’s future and the lives of each resident by:  


  • Passing a bipartisan, balanced budget, which include the largest personal income tax cut in state history.   

  • Providing significant increases for K-12 funding and additional funding for Special Education.   

  • Implementing the Governor gun safety proposal, a comprehensive bill that includes provisions to prevent community gun violence, stop mass shootings, avoid firearm-related accidents, add protections for domestic violence victims, and avert suicides. 

  • Protecting access to abortion care and bolstering reproductive rights through the first-in-the-nation Reproductive Freedom Defense Act, and recently passed measures that expand access to birth control and emergency contraception, increase access to reproductive healthcare at higher education institutions, and protect individuals’ data privacy. 

  • Launching the Social Connection Campaign to combat loneliness and social isolation in Connecticut. 

  • Implementing policies that positioned Connecticut as a leader in the nation in COVID recovery – enacting a vaccine rollout that led the state to being the first in the nation to vaccinate more than 70% of adults and helping small businesses to navigate the challenges they faced during the pandemic.  

Lt. Governor Bysiewicz is continuing her commitment to economic growth that made her a leading voice for Connecticut residents and small businesses while she served as Secretary of the State from 1999 to 2011. As Secretary of the State, she helped thousands of businesses grow, registered thousands of voters, cut bureaucratic red tape, honored veterans, and fought to keep elections fair. 


As a state representative in the Connecticut General Assembly, representing the towns of Middletown, Middlefield, and Durham, Bysiewicz wrote legislation to ban dangerous “drive-through” mastectomies and ensure that women being treated for breast cancer had proper care. She also fought political patronage and wrote the law to ban lobbyists from giving gifts to legislators. 


As a business lawyer and a job creator, she has helped over sixty companies access millions of dollars in capital, expand their businesses, and create thousands of jobs in Connecticut. 


Lt. Governor Bysiewicz was raised the proud granddaughter of immigrants who came to Connecticut from Poland and Greece with nothing but hopes for a better future. After many years of factory work, they saved enough to buy a farm in Middletown that became Bysiewicz's childhood home. Growing up and working on the farm, she and her siblings learned the values of hard work, education, and persistence. 


Lt. Governor Bysiewicz graduated from Middletown High School, Yale University and Duke Law School. She is the author of Ella: A Biography of Ella Grasso, Connecticut’s 83rd governor. 


Bysiewicz and her husband David Donaldson reside in Middletown.