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Governor Lamont Signs Law Banning Dog Racing in Connecticut

(HARTFORD, CT) – Governor Ned Lamont today announced that he has signed legislation that repeals state laws and regulations that made it legal for dog racetracks to operate in Connecticut and enacts a new law prohibiting this cruel sport in the state.

There are no currently active dog racetracks in Connecticut, however this had been occurring in the state for about 30 years. This includes at Plainfield Greyhound Park, which opened in 1976, and Shoreline Star Greyhound Park in Bridgeport, which opened in 1996. Both of these facilities closed in 2005.

Animal protection advocates urged the General Assembly and the governor to enact a law that will prevent these racetracks from ever opening again in the future. With the governor’s signature, Connecticut becomes one of the last states in the country to ban dog racing.

“Dog racing is a cruel activity and it has no place in Connecticut,” Governor Lamont said. “It’s mindboggling to think that at one time people considered this a legitimate sport, and I give credit to animal advocacy groups for their activism that has raised awareness about the abuse and extreme conditions these dogs face, leading to bans in nearly every state across the country. Signing this bill is an easy decision.”

Legislative proponents applauded its signing.

“I want to thank Governor Lamont for allowing Connecticut to join 46 other states that have banned dog racing,” State Representative Mike D’Agostino (D-Hamden), said. “While there has not been an active dog racetrack in the state since 2005, it is important that Connecticut state unequivocally that this practice will not return. And if nothing else, we have removed from the general statues pages and pages of unnecessary regulations that have not been needed for 20 years, and now will not be needed again.”

“It took a bit longer than we hoped to get this important, commonsense bill passed but that effort was absolutely worth it knowing that from this day forward dogs in Connecticut will be safe from being forced to endure dangerous and inhumane treatment in the name of sport,” State Representative Nicole Klarides-Ditria (R-Beacon Falls, Derby, Seymour), co-chair of the legislature’s Animal Advocacy Caucus, said. “I appreciate and want to thank each and every colleague who joined our efforts to ban dog racing in Connecticut, especially Governor Lamont who has been committed to animal protection.”

The legislation is Public Act 24-1, An Act Concerning Dog Racing. It takes effect October 1, 2024.

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