State Park Season Pass

State Park Season Pass

Under Connecticut's Passport to Parks Program, CT Residents are no longer required to pay a parking fee at CT State Parks and Forest recreation areas, due to DMV collecting a $10 fee ($5 per year) on behalf of DEEP at the time of registration and registration renewals for non-commercial motor vehicles.  Therefore, we no longer sell Season Park passes for CT registered vehicles.

FAQs about the Passport to Parks Program

Non-Resident Season Pass for State Parks

For the frequent park visitor from out of state, Connecticut offers a special season pass at a low fee. The pass allows unlimited non-resident vehicle access with the window sticker to any state park or recreation area that has a parking fee for no extra charge.

Non-resident Season Passes are:

  • Valid for one non-resident vehicle per pass;
  • Valid for the entire calendar year of issue;
  • Non-transferable to any other vehicle.

Non-Resident Season Passes are not valid:

  • For admission to Dinosaur or Fort Trumbull State Park Exhibit Centers or tours of Gillette Castle, camping or special events with charges;
  • If an area is closed to the public for any reason;
  • For camping;
  • For commercial use or on a commercial vehicle;
  • Unless adhered to the windshield (motorcycle operators may hand hold the pass) of an out-of-state registered vehicle.

Season passes cost $112 for Out-of State residents. They can be purchased online at the DEEP Store.

Obtaining a state park season pass by mail or in person