Reminder Recall Reports in CT WiZ

Read time: 6 minutes

Reminder/Recall Reports assist clinics with determining which patients associated with the clinic are due or overdue for selected vaccinations. Clinic staff can run a Reminder/Recall Reports using the Reports module.

  • Click here to see how your clinic can run a reminder recall report similar to the compliancy reports that you previously received from Immunization Program.
  • Click here to see the training materials on how to run this report
  • Click here to see a video on how to run this report.
  • Click here to see a flyer about how the Reminder Recall Report benefits providers
  • Click here to see the Statewide Reminder Recall webpage for the public to view resources when they receive the reminder text or email from the Immunization Program.

Note: DPH runs monthly reminder recall reports for clinics with patients overdue for 7-series vaccines at 7 and 19 months of age. Each clinic receives an email reminding them about their report and instructions on how to view this report in CT WiZ.