After you have completed your enrollment in CT WiZ (Step 3), all providers are required to register with VaccineFinder per the CDC COVID-19 Provider Agreement. The primary coordinator listed in your enrollment will receive an invitation to complete the registration.


Click here for trainings from VaccineFinder ( to follow the steps below to register, report inventory and publicly display your clinic. See below for additional information about:


  • What is required for CoVP clinics to complete
  • What is highly recommended for CoVP clinics to complete
  • What to do if you need to make updates after your initial VaccineFinder registration
  • After enrollment, the primary coordinator will receive an invitation to register in VaccineFinder.
  • Report inventory to VaccineFinder daily (required):


COVID-19 vaccine inventory counts must be reported to VaccineFinder daily, regardless of whether your clinic is publicly displaying, and even though you are reporting inventory to CT WiZ.


  • When the primary vaccine coordinator creates your initial account in VaccineFinder, you will be asked how you wish to report inventory counts:
    • If you select the option to report for ‘all clinics’ under your organization, only your primary vaccine coordinator will receive a registration link.
    • If you select the option to report ‘individually’, your back-up vaccine coordinator will also receive a registration link.
  • How to Add Inventory
  • To report inventory for COVID-19 vaccines that are not already listed in your COVID Locating Health Portal account, visit: Add vaccine to add any new  COVID-19 vaccine NDCs to your location. You can add COVID-19 vaccines that are authorized and recommended in the U.S.


Quick tips:

  • Make sure depots/hubs are updating inventory in VaccineFinder regularly; these inventory numbers can greatly impact supply line estimates
  • Providers no longer participating in COVID-19 vaccination must be zeroed out; old inventory numbers can skew performance metrics
  • Regular reporting of inventory is part of the COVID Provider Enrollment agreement

Publicly display your clinic on (highly recommended):


  • enables the public to easily find your clinic and schedule an appointment if needed.
  • Note: the shipping address listed in CT WiZ will be displayed on as your clinic location.
  • For detailed steps on how to make your clinic locations visible to the public, view this guide.

After registering, if you need to update your point of contact with Vaccine Finder:


  • Login with your CT WiZ username and password. Click here for the CT WiZ training to make the clinic changes under: Clinic Tools – Clinic Information – Staff. Include a note in the ‘comments field’ that this is for a new point of contact for VaccineFinder.
  • Once completed, CDC will email your new contact a registration link. If you do not receive this link, please email to request they resend the registration link.


Follow these steps to complete the enrollment process:
Step 1 | Step 2 | Step 3 | Step 4 | Step 5 | Step 6