After you complete the pre-registration survey with your intent to administer the COVID-19 vaccine, you will receive an email invitation from the Connecticut Immunization Program to enroll in the CoVP. Enrollment takes place in CT WiZ, Connecticut’s Immunization Information System (IIS).


Note: The following steps are reserved for clinics who have received an invitation to enroll in the CoVP.



A few things before you proceed:

Complete the CoVP Enrollment

Log into CT WiZ. In the left menu, click on “Clinic Tools” and then "Enrollments" to complete the enrollment.


Remember that both the Chief Medical Director (or equivalent) and Chief Executive/Fiduciary Officer must log into CT WiZ to electronically sign the agreement. The Primary Vaccine Coordinator cannot sign the agreement for the Physician nor the Chief Executive/Fiduciary Officer.


Need help completing the enrollment?
  • Watch the Enrollment Demo (24 minute video) 10/29/20
  • Review the Enrollment FAQs to help answer questions you may have. Updated 11/6/2020
  • Click here for guidance to answers in the Additional Questions section.
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Follow these steps to complete the enrollment process:

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