Moderna COVID-19 vaccine is available in your inventory in two presentations: the Moderna 10-dose vials and Moderna 14-dose vials. These vials can be used to provide the half-dose booster of Moderna.


  • Inventory Reporting: CT WiZ should continue to track inventory in whole doses and report only unopened vials of vaccine. Do not count opened/punctured product. Click here for training on 'Documenting Moderna Booster Dose Inventory Adjustment in CT WiZ'.
  • Wastage Reporting: Wastage should be reported only as whole doses. Each dose administered, whether it is a half dose or a full dose, counts against the total possible wastage of 10 doses (for 10-dose vial) or 14 doses (for 14-dose vial).
  • Moderna Wastage Tables: Click here for tables to assist you with determining the amount of waste that may be reported in CT WiZ in vials of Moderna 14 or Moderna 10 when administering a combination of primary (0.5mL) and booster (0.25mL) doses.