How do organizations use a SMART Health Card Verifier to confirm an individual’s vaccination status?

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Specific verifier apps will be able to scan the SMART Health Card QR code and verify an individual’s COVID-19 vaccination record. These verifier apps were not developed by DPH or through a DPH-held contract. Organizations should use a verifier app that is SMART Health Card compatible. Participating organizations (such as large venues, airports, or businesses) can select what verifier app will work for them. They can verify a SMART Health Card/QR code from an individual’s mobile device or print-out. The organization should also request proof of identification, such as a photo ID, to ensure privacy and security of the individual’s vaccination record cards.


Note: Using a fake vaccine card is federal crime: Report suspected use of fake COVID vaccination cards


For example: The SMART Health Card Verifier is a free service by The Commons Project that enables organizations to scan a SMART Health Card QR code to quickly verify an individual’s COVID-19 vaccination status. Visit: SMART Health Card Verifier App — The Commons Project and SMART Health Card Verifier App - FAQs


  • Download the SMART Health Card Verifier App from the Apple or Google Play store.
  • Ensure you have a strong Wi-Fi connection and use the camera within the app to scan SMART Health Card QR code
    • Scanning a SMART Health Card QR code reveals whether the SMART Health Card is valid, whether the issuer is in The Common Trust Network’s Registry of trusted issuers, and information on the SMART Health Card (trusted issuer name, vaccine type, dates of vaccine doses, and name of vaccine recipient).
    • Results include:
      • Verified and scanned as valid and comes from a verified trusted issuer.
      • Partially verified and scanned as valid, but may have come from an issuer that is not recognized – issuer may not be part of the CommonTrust Network.
      • Not verified and scanned as not valid – may have been corrupted or modified after it was issued.
    • Troubleshooting Tips:
      • Ensure your electronic device's camera settings are enabled to scan QR codes (Go to Settings - Camera - QR Codes)
      • Ensure that you have allowed the verifier application access to your device's camera (Go to Settings - Privacy - Camera - Ensure the application in use is allowed to access the camera or Go to Settings - The verifier app in use - ensure "camera" is allowed access)

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