How do I request an update to my immunization record or submit proof of identification?

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If you have tried to access your (or your minor child's) immunization record through the CT WiZ Public Portal and your record was not found, or you are requesting your immunization record by mail or fax and need to submit proof of identification to DPH, please  complete this online form. If you need assistance by phone, you may call our main line at (860) 509-7929 during normal business hours, Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm.


*Please Note: Parent's cannot access their adult (18+) child's immunization record in the CT WiZ Public Portal (they must access it themselves). If you are the legal guardian you must submit proof of identification and proof of guardianship to access the record. You may submit this to DPH through the online form or by mail to CT DPH Immunization Program 410 Capitol Ave, MS #11 MUN Hartford, CT 06134 or fax (860) 707-1925.

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