How do SMART Health Cards protect my privacy?

Read time: 6 minutes

The Connecticut Department of Public Health, CT WiZ, is a trusted issuer of the SMART Health Card. Your COVID-19 vaccination history is stored directly within the SMART Health Card as a 2D barcode (commonly known as a QR code). The SMART Health Card ensures security and is protected by cryptography. Your QR code is generated at random each time you access your record in the CT WiZ Public Portal and is not saved on a server.

The SMART Health Card can only be scanned and read by a participating organization (such as large venues, airports, businesses, etc.) through SMART Health Card compatible verifier apps that are designed to interpret the data stored in the QR code. Sharing this QR code with a participating organization is completely up to you. By providing it digitally, along with a proof of identification, you are ensuring privacy of your COVID-19 vaccination record in a tamperproof way.

Note: Using a fake vaccine card is federal crime: Report suspected use of fake COVID vaccination cards.

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