Do all states/countries offer a SMART Health Card on a COVID-19 vaccination record?

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Not all states offer a SMART Health Card/QR Code. There is no national/international standard QR code.


  • Look for the SMART Health Card logo under your QR code. This will enable participating organizations with a verifier app that are is compatible with SMART Health Cards to scan the QR code and verify your COVID-19 vaccination record.
  • If you are traveling or visiting a venue, check their website for ‘acceptable proof of vaccinations’ ahead of time. Travelers can check airlines and embassy websites.
  • In Connecticut, the CT WiZ COVID-19 vaccination record contains a SMART Health Card/QR code which is available by mail or fax upon request or through the CT WiZ Public Portal.
  • If you were vaccinated in another state, visit: Contacts for Immunization Records | CDC and select the state website or phone number to look for your immunization record in the state where you were vaccinated. If you now reside in Connecticut and wish to update your CT WiZ record with doses received outside of Connecticut, please complete this submission form.

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