What records are available on CT WiZ?

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Your full immunization record lists all reported vaccines you or your child have received as a patient in Connecticut, the dates of immunization as reported by your provider to CT WiZ, and your or your child’s age at the time of immunization. This official certificate can be used for schools, childcare, camps, college, work, and travel.


Official COVID-19 Record

You have the option to also receive a record with just your COVID-19 vaccine history. This record does not include history of other immunizations listed on your full immunization record.


SMART Health Card/QR

Code The SMART Health Card is a secure, digital version of your COVID-19 immunization record. It uses a QR code on your device to verify proof of vaccination and keeps your other personal and health information private. Use it at establishments such as restaurants, concert venues and other places for public gatherings.

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