New Updates – 2022
New updated – September 2023

Applications are now open for the Connecticut Energy Assistance Program (CEAP) for the 2023-2024 Season.

Apply for Heating and Water Assistance Before June 30, 2022

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There is now a new online application for both heating and water assistance. Click here to apply. According to Governor Lamont, this online application represents a major step forward. Now, outdated bureaucratic processes are no longer a hindrance to obtain critical goods and services, especially during times of dire need. 


Joint Heating and Water Programs

Income eligible households can apply for CEAP (Connecticut Energy Assistance Program) and LIHWAP (Low Income Household Water Assistance Program).

Eligibility for CEAP also qualifies you to receive LIHWAP benefits, up to $1000 in payments for household water and wastewater services. . 


Apply Online, In-Person and By Phone

Both CEAP and LIHWAP are administered by Community Action Agencies (CAA) across Connecticut. 

Although the online application is available, you may also apply in person or by phone. Contact your local Community Action Agency for help. 


Oil and Propane

If you are an income-qualified household using oil or propane, the state of Connecticut will fund your fuel deliveries through May 31, 2022