Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Agency Applications: How can I access my agency-specific applications?
    Answer: Many agency-specific applications are now available through Office 365. If you need access to a system for your work, check the list of apps available through Office 365. If that application does not appear, contact your agency IT team for assistance.
  • Collaboration: What tools can my co-workers and I use?

    Many agencies use a suite of online and desktop tools from Microsoft to enable teams to collaborate on files, projects, and initiatives. See the links below for more information about each option:

    Microsoft Teams


    Office 365

  • Shared Drives: How do I access my work files?

    Several options exist for employees to work with files on shared drives, including virtual private network (VPN) and, remote desktop (RDP).

    Virtual Private Network (VPN)

    Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

  • Email: How do I access mail across devices?

    Most employees can access their email through Office 365 or Outlook, if using a State-issued laptop. Some agencies do not yet offer Office 365 but do enable access to email via a Web browser through Outlook Web Access. Learn more about each option below:

    Office 365

    • Log on to Office 365
    • Find out if I can access Office 365
    • Get training on Office 365
    • Get email on my mobile device

    Outlook Web Access (OWA)

  • My Work Computer: How do I get remote access to a computer located in my office?
    Answer: Some employees may be able to access virtually their desktop computer at work. Doing so provides you with the same desktop, local and shared drives, desktop applications, and Web-based applications you use when you are in the office. To see if your agency provides this service, contact your IT team directly.
  • Phones: How do I get voicemail and configure other settings on my office phone?
    Answer: While many employees are working from home, calls still come into your agency phone. Depending on your agency, various levels of phone services are available, from simple voice mail retrieval to call forwarding. For specific options, contact your agency’s IT team.
  • MS Office: What online and desktop options are there?

    Depending on the agency you work for and whether you have a State-issued computer, two main ways of using Microsoft Office exist:

    Office for Desktop

    Most State-issued computers come with Office installed. If you do not have Office on your State-issued computer, contact your agency’s IT team.

    Office 365

    Employees may use the online versions of Office, which include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other apps including Outlook for email. If you are not sure whether you have access to Office 365, contact your agency IT team. Use the links below to learn more and get started:

    >> Log on to Office 365

    >> Training Videos and Documentation