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Instructions for Filing Complaint using the Online Complaint Forms


  1. Complete the appropriate online Complaint Form. You may access the Records Complaint Form (to be used when alleging a denial of access to records) by clicking here. You may access the Meetings Complaint Form (to be used when alleging a Meetings violation)+ by clicking here.


  2. Although not required, it is highly recommended that you use the online Complaint Form to file your complaint, as it will assist staff with the proper and timely processing of your complaint. (Please note, you should provide all information requested in the online Complaint Form even if you choose not to use such Form to file your complaint with the Commission).


  3. Print and sign the completed Complaint Form and attach all relevant additional documentation, if applicable, such as a copy of your records request and any written denial.


  4. Send your completed Records Complaint Form or Meetings Complaint Form and all additional documentation by U.S. Postal Service to: Freedom of Information Commission, 165 Capitol Ave., Suite 1100, Hartford, CT 06106 or by electronic mail to:


  5. Please note: your complaint must be filed with the Commission within 30 days of the alleged violation.