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Court Decisions 2001
Note:  The court decisions published here are for the convenience of the public.  While every effort is made to assure accuracy, the public is advised that only the original court decisions are official.  In this regard, please note that the format of court decisions at this Website may not correspond exactly to the format in the official version of those decisions.
Listed below are court decisions pertaining to appeals of FOI decisions.
Next to each decision listed is a short description of the issue or issues involved in the decision.  These descriptions are intended to be used as a general index to assist the public and may not reference every issue in each decision.
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2001 Court Decisions
The list of court decisions issued in 2001 is updated when the Commission receives such decisions from the courts.   These decision documents are in HTML.
2001 Court Decisions
Final DecisionsCHIEF OF POLICE, TOWN OF WINDHAM v. FOIC (Law Enforcement Records /Megan's Law)
Final DecisionsDEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC UTILITIES v. FOIC (Trade Secrets and Attorney-Client Privilege) See 2002 decisions for Appellate Court decision
Final DecisionsTOWN OF GROTON v. FOIC (Law Enforcement Records /Uncorroborated Allegations of Criminal Activity)
Final DecisionsDONALD W. SHULTZ, T OF WINDHAM v. FOIC (Access to Records/ Broad Request)
Final DecisionsOFF OF MUNICIPAL CLERK HTF v. FOIC (Access to Records /Use of hand-held scanner)
Final DecisionsCOMMISSIONER OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION v. FOIC ( Personnel Medical and Similar Files/ Sexual Harassment Complaint)
Final DecisionsHARTFORD COURANT CO. & JACK DOLAN v. FOIC (Fees/ Criminal History Database)
Final DecisionsKATHERINE MAXWELL, CONTROLLER TOWN OF WINDHAM v. FOIC ET AL. (Attorney-Client Privilege and Pending Claims and Litigation) See 2002 decisions for Supreme Court decision
Final DecisionsPAMELA DAVIS v. FOIC (Federal Drivers Privacy Protection Act / Motor Vehicle Grand Lists) Superior Court. See 2002 decisions for Supreme Court decisions
Final DecisionsLORRAINE LONGMOOR v. FOIC (Access to Records / Records Do Not exist)
Final DecisionsDAVID ROYCE v. FOIC (Executive Sessions / Appointment of a Public Officer)
Final DecisionsMERIWEATHER, INC. v. FOIC ( Public Agency / Functional Equivalence Test - Appellate Court)
Final DecisionsBRUCE KAZ v. FOIC (Personnel, Medical and Similar files and Attorney-Client Privilege) 
Final DecisionsCOALITION TO SAVE HORSEBARN v. FOIC (Preliminary Drafts)
Final DecisionsDIRECTOR, RETIREMENT AND BENEFITS SERVICES DIVISION, OFFICE OF THE COMPTROLLER v. FOIC (Personnel, Medical and Similar Files / State Employee Addresses)
Final DecisionsRICHARD JERR v. FOIC (Conn. Gen. Stat. ยง10-151c / Teacher Performance Evaluations)
Final DecisionsGEORGIA v. FOIC (Meetings/Administrative or Staff Meeting)
Final DecisionsZONING BOARD OF APPEAL v. FOIC (Regular Meetings/Two-thirds Vote to Add New Business) 
Final DecisionsDOT v. FOIC (Personnel, Medical and Similar Files / Investigative Summary of Allegation of Sexual Harassment)