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About Us

The Freedom of Information Commission's mission is to administer and enforce the provisions of the Connecticut Freedom of Information Act, and to thereby ensure citizen access to the records and meetings of public agencies in the State of Connecticut.
The FOI Commission hears complaints from persons who have been denied access to the records or meetings of public agencies in Connecticut. Any person denied the right to inspect, or to get a copy of a public record, or denied access to a meeting of a public agency, may file a complaint against the public agency within 30 days of the denial. The FOI Commission will conduct a hearing on the complaint, which hearing is attended by the complainant and the public agency. A decision is then rendered by the FOI Commission finding the public agency either in violation of the FOI Act or dismissing the complaint if the public agency is found not to have violated the FOI Act. If the public agency has violated the FOI Act, the FOI Commission can order the disclosure of public records, null and void a decision reached during a public meeting, or impose other appropriate relief. In many instances, a hearing is not necessary as the parties are able to resolve their differences with the assistance of an FOI staff attorney, who acts as an ombudsman.
The FOI Commission also conducts educational workshops and speaking engagements for public agencies throughout the State of Connecticut. For further information contact our office by phone (860-566-5682;Toll-free (CT only), 866-374-3617), fax (860-566-6474) or
The FOI Commission’s legal staff is authorized to represent the Commission in all matters affecting the Commission, and to defend Commission decisions that are appealed, in the superior and appellate courts.


  • Colleen Murphy - Executive Director and General Counsel
  • Paula M. Pearlman - Managing Director and Associate General Counsel
  • Russell Blair - Director of Education and Communications
  • Valicia S. Dee Harmon* - Attorney
  • Danielle McGee - Attorney
  • Zack Hyde - Attorney
  • Mary-Kate Smith - Attorney
  • Kevin Munn - Attorney
  • Nick Smarra - Attorney
  • Marybeth Sullivan - Attorney
  • Jennifer Mayo - Paralegal
  • Molly Steffes - Paralegal
  • Linda Fasciano - Administrative Assistant
  • Stephanie Tessmer - Administrative Assistant
  • Mikia Gray - Secretary 2
  • Russell BlairDirector of Education and Communications
  • Charla Vincent - Human Resources (FOIC, Ethics, & SEEC)


Cindy Cannata - Management Analyst, Retired, Part Time TWR

*Attorney Harmon speaks Spanish (Lcda. Harmon habla español)



  • Established - 1975
  • Statutory Authority - CGS Section 1-205
  • Authorized Number of Employees - 16
  • Structure - Appointed Commission
  • Number of Commissioners - 9
  • Recurring Operating Expenses:  $ 1,706,960 (FY 2021)