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Gov. Malloy Announces Impact of Trumpcare on Connecticut

Thousands of Connecticut Residents Would Lose Healthcare Coverage; Eventual Loss of Up to $1 Billion in Annual Revenue to the State

(HARTFORD, CT) – Governor Dannel P. Malloy today announced that according to a new analysis of the impact on the State of Connecticut of the Republicans’ American Health Care Act – also known as Trumpcare – healthcare coverage for tens of thousands of state residents could be threatened, and as much as $1 billion in annual costs would be added to the state at full implementation after 2020.

**For the analysis on how Trumpcare will impact Connecticut, click here**

“Trumpcare will end up costing Americans more money for their healthcare while providing people with fewer benefits,” Governor Malloy said. “Healthcare coverage for some of our most vulnerable populations will be threatened, including seniors, persons with disabilities, children, and low-income adults. We will see premiums and costs on older people increase, and millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions will no longer be able get affordable coverage. If enacted, Trumpcare will risk the coverage that people already have, drive up costs, and severely limit care.”

“Replacing the Affordable Care Act without maintaining its core tenets of affordability and accessibility would have a devastating effect here and across the nation,” Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman said. “On Connecticut’s healthcare exchange, more than 76 percent – about 85,000 residents, use federal subsidies or cost-sharing to help them afford insurance. Reducing that assistance will make it harder for people to be able to afford insurance and healthcare. The Republican proposal also shifts Medicaid costs to the state, which could threaten healthcare accessibility for low income and disabled residents. The Republican proposal certainly doesn’t expand coverage or improve affordability. In fact, it will put healthcare out of reach for many residents.”

The analysis, which was prepared by the Office of Policy and Management, found that:

  • As a result of the change in subsidies to people based on their age as opposed to income, the average person in Connecticut would receive an estimated $2,115 less in assistance, with those over 60 receiving an average of almost $5,000 less.
  • It is projected that more than 34,000 Access Health CT customers would not renew coverage.
  • Rate increases of more than 40 percent could be expected in 2018 for all healthcare consumers.

**Download: Analysis of Trumpcare on the State of Connecticut

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