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 This information is not current and is being provided for reference purposes only


Motor Carrier Road Tax

 This is obsoleted by AN 94(6)

Public Act 88-249 has expanded the Motor Carrier Road Tax to require decals for all vehicles, including those vehicles bearing Connecticut license plates. Each vehicle is subject to an annual $10 decal fee for purposes of the Motor Carrier Road Tax, except that motor buses shall pay a $5 fee.

The following vehicles are subject to the Connecticut Motor Carrier Road Tax:

  • Road tractors and tractor trucks;

  • Straight trucks having a registered gross vehicle weight over 18,000 pounds or a registered light weight over 7,500 pounds; and

  • Passenger vehicles with seats for more than 9 passengers in addition to the driver.

This law is effective October 1, 1988 for calendar years beginning on or after January 1, 1989. The Department of Revenue Services will send notification each October for the forthcoming calendar year.

Your 1988 Motor Carrier Road Tax decals expire December 31, 1988. If you anticipate travel through Connecticut during calendar year 1989, you must obtain 1989 decals. Please complete the enclosed renewal form and return along with the proper remittance to:

Connecticut Department of Revenue Services
Registration Section
P.O. Box 2937
Hartford, Connecticut 06104

Be sure that you have read the instructions on the reverse side of the renewal form before completing. Any improperly completed form will be returned.


TSSN-02 (9/12/88)